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Wheelwright Chiropractic Cares For You and Your Family

At Wheelwright Chiropractic, our priority is helping you reach your particular health goals. We see all ages of people who want to feel great and improve their wellness. Find out what we can do for you by calling today!


Chiropractor Ogden for Personalized Care

Reach Your Goals at Wheelwright Chiropractic

Chiropractor OgdenYour individual needs aren’t like anyone else’s. At Wheelwright Chiropractic, Ogden Chiropractor Dr. Jeff Wheelwright looks at what your body requires to get healthy, creating a plan to help you reach your particular goals.

With chiropractic care and designed clinical nutrition in Ogden, you can see your health, happiness and quality of life improve!

Our Customized Approach

With growing up in a chiropractic family and having more than 20 years in practice, Dr. Wheelwright has gained a deep understanding of chiropractic care and its many benefits. We can not only relieve discomfort but take you far beyond being out of pain to experiencing the highest levels of wellness.

You won’t find a cookie-cutter approach at our office, and we take a thorough look at your entire body, not just the area of complaint. Your visits are specific to what you require, using many techniques Dr. Wheelwright is skilled in utilizing.

Nutrition and Chiropractic for Superior Healing

It was facing his own health challenges that led Dr. Wheelwright to explore the world of nutrition and its connection to our health.  Chiropractic addresses your body structurally, while nutrition focuses on your chemical needs. We’ll work with your diet, exercise and overall lifestyle to locate the underlying cause of your concerns.

Advanced biofeedback testing allows us to identify any deficiency or toxicity you may have. When you combine chiropractic care and nutrition, you can see incredible results that will change your life!

At Wheelwright Chiropractic, we welcome the opportunity to get to know you and how we can help you live better. Contact us today! Insurance is accepted, and same-day appointments are available with our Chiropractor Ogden.