A Family Connection to Chiropractic

With a chiropractor father and a biochemist grandfather who was into herbology, Dr. Jeff was brought up living a more natural lifestyle. He had his first adjustment at just three days old. His sister, brother and brother-in-law are also chiropractors, making the profession a true family tradition.
“I like the idea of addressing the cause of a condition without drugs or surgery, the way I was raised. Chiropractic care can help people get well and enjoy life more.”

Adding a Nutritional Focus

Dr. Wheelwright attended Parker Chiropractic College in Texas to earn his Doctor of Chiropractic. Since then, he has continued his education by taking regular courses. An injury during a church basketball game motivated Dr. Wheelwright to explore the world of nutrition and its effects on the body.

“I woke up with terrible low back pain. My dad adjusted me a few times a week for six months but it just didn’t help. My uncle has an herbal company in Odgen, and he sponsored Dr. Freddie Ulan from New York to come in and lecture on Nutrition Response Testing. I decided to go see one of his lectures. He did some testing and found heavy metal in my kidneys that was contributing to my back issues, depression and fatigue. He put me on a program and the next day, my energy returned. The pain was gone by the end of the week!”

Dr. Wheelwright wanted to share these same results with his patients and began offering Designed Clinical Nutrition. With chiropractic care, he addresses his patients’ structural needs while nutrition looks at the body’s chemical needs.

Living a Family-oriented Life

Dr. Wheelwright was born and raised in Ogden, Utah and is a graduate of Bonneville High School. He and his wife Cheyney have four children. Together, their family enjoys being outdoors hunting, fishing and camping. In his spare time, Dr. Wheelwright likes to stay busy doing projects around the house.

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