Peripheral neuropathy, a result of damage to your peripheral nerves, often causes weakness, numbness and pain, and extreme sensitivity to touch, usually in your hands and feet. It can also affect muscle coordination and balance.

Your peripheral nervous system sends information from your brain and spinal cord (central nervous system) to the rest of your body. Peripheral neuropathy can result from alcoholism, autoimmune disease, medications, tumors, vitamin deficiencies, traumatic injuries, infections, metabolic problems, inherited causes, exposure to toxins, and many other diseases including liver, kidney and thyroid. One of the most common causes is diabetes mellitus.

In both preventing and treating neuropathy the underlying causes need to be addressed. Our basic neuropathy program can be fine tuned to each individual according to their needs. Through the utilization of red-light technology, nutrition, lifestyle changes and Designed Clinical Nutrition we have had great success in helping people find relief from this devastating and life changing illness.

Do red-light treatments really work? Yes. In 2006, 2239 people suffering from foot numbness caused by Diabetes were treated with infrared photo energy. Half of them were also suffering from neuropathic pain. Numbing and sensation loss were improved by 66% and pain levels were reduced by 67%. This study was published in the Journal of Diabetes and its Complications.

We do understand that not everyone will respond to treatment—there are many factors that influence neuropathy, for this reason we do not require any long-term commitments. If you don’t see any results in the first month then you can simply choose not to continue. How long it will take for you to see optimal results is also different for everyone. As long as we are seeing progress we keep treating.

Depending on the underlying cause of your neuropathy you may need continued maintenance treatments once your symptoms have resolved.

Dr. Wheelwright has spent over 20 years learning about health and nutrition. He specializes in Designed Clinical Nutrition and has used this expertise in the development of our neuropathy program.

We believe in using common sense principles of health, targeted supplements, and the latest technology to help you achieve your goals and keep it that way for the rest of your life. With our help and expertise, we are 100% confident that you will improve, if not experience complete recovery.

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