Designed Clinical Nutrition in Ogden

The nutrition services at Wheelwright Chiropractic are designed for your particular needs. We’ll use biofeedback testing to identify areas of weakness and stress in the body. With different types of dietary supplements and detoxification options, we’ll restore the balance to your body

Finding Your Customized Solutions

Though two people can experience the same issue, such as headaches, it doesn’t mean that the underlying cause of the problem is the same. That’s what’s different about our nutrition program — it looks at what your body requires, making any adaptations necessary along the way. Dr. Wheelwright serves as your guide, helping you make changes to your lifestyle that can improve the way you feel in the long term.

We’ll monitor your progress, meeting once a week for four weeks, then every other week. Each person’s program is different and the time frame varies.

All the products you’ll need for your personalized program are available at Wheelwright Chiropractic, such as the high-quality Systemic Formulas line.

Chiropractic and Nutrition for Incredible Results

One of the causes of subluxation, or damage of the spine, can be poor nutrition such as toxicity. These causes can be the root of your back or neck pain. If you receive chiropractic care without addressing the nutrition side, you won’t see long-lasting results. With both chiropractic and nutrition, your symptoms resolve, the cause is corrected and adjustments can hold for longer.

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