Your health is arguably your greatest asset, or at least it should be.  Sadly, due to our modern diet, toxicity, stress and many other causes, we have created epidemics of debilitating disease that constantly feed the pockets of the medical-industrial complex.  What if you can alter the course of your life and take back your valuable health?  We believe you can, and that is the basic premise of our “Pathway to Health” program.

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Your body is designed to survive in states of Feast and Famine.  There is now enough evidence out there to suggest that eating 3-5 meals a day continually is prematurely aging our bodies and helping contribute to a multitude of health conditions.  Living in a constant state of feasting is not a good thing.  Going without food for short periods of time can help with insulin sensitivity, longevity, reduced inflammation, resetting the microbiome, stem cell production, increased Human Growth Hormone, boosting the immune system, and repairing many body tissues, to name a few.  Fasting also puts our body into a state called “Autophagy”—in this state the body gets rid of bad cells and bad DNA. 

Although fasting is important, you also need to experience times of feasting.  Any fast should be followed by a feasting period.  It’s these cycles of feast and famine that drives major adaptation and hormone optimization.  This is a large part of Diet Variability.  Diet Variability also needs to include moving in and out of a state of ketosis, or fat burning.  You are designed to burn both glucose and fat for energy, but your body will priorities the burning of glucose because it can be damaging to the cells and is also much more readily available.  Because of our high carbohydrate diets most of us are stuck in a sugar burning mode and no longer posses the hormonal ability to burn fat.  Being stuck in sugar burning mode leads to chronic inflammation, insulin resistance, hormone imbalances, weight loss resistance and most of our modern diseases.

You also need to address another cause of chronic inflammation—toxicity.  Cellular toxicity affects hormones and your ability to burn fat.  Diet (high carbs) and toxicity are the 2 main causes of chronic cellular inflammation.  Another leading cause of chronic inflammation is chronic infection.  This could be the result of a virus, bacteria, fungus or parasite.  Dr. Wheelwright pre-tests every new client to determine if toxicity or chronic infection are present and designs a nutritional program to address these issues if necessary.  Your program will include weekly visits with Dr. Wheelwright and will be customized and altered for your individual needs and abilities.  No long-term commitments are required. 

The goal of your 16 week “Pathway to Health” program is to begin to restore your health through a healthy diet and designed clinical nutrition, introduce diet variability and different fasting protocols, and train your body to be able to burn both glucose and fat.  A healthy body will no longer need the crutch of medications with all their associated side effects.  Once we have accomplished these goals you will be ready to take advantage of these new tools to continue your “Pathway to Health” for life. 

We look forward to working with you to help you reach your health goals.

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