Chiropractic is a natural alternative to restore your health. As a chiropractor, Dr. Wheelwright treats the vertebral subluxation complex, which is a term for describing damage in the spine that affects the nervous system. By removing the subluxation, your nervous system can work at its highest abilities, allowing the body’s natural intelligence to take over and heal.

Feeling Better and Enjoying Optimal Health

The most common benefits of chiropractic care include symptom relief, where your pain or discomfort diminishes. Once your nervous system is working optimally, all the organs and tissues in your body will be healthier. With information flowing freely in your body’s systems, you can have greater well-being down the road. Similar to getting your teeth cleaned regularly, chiropractic care can help you take care of your spine so that you won’t experience problems in the future.

Care to Fit Your Needs

At Wheelwright Chiropractic, we offer relief, corrective and maintenance care. When you first become a patient at our office, we’ll focus on reducing your pain. As your health improves, we’ll start a more rehabilitative form of care to get you as healthy as possible. Your expectations and goals are kept in mind at all times, giving a customized approach to your care.

Dr. Wheelwright uses several different techniques, honed over his 20-plus years in practice:

  • Activator Methods®. This low-force, high-speed handheld tool offers a mild adjustment with no popping sounds.
  • Diversified. This hands-on, manual adjustment is applied to free up stuck spinal joints.
  • Gonstead
  • Thompson drop table. A specialized table has a drop piece to allow gravity to assist with an easy adjustment.

Getting on the Road to Recovery

Most of our patients feel better or about the same after their first adjustment. Dr. Wheelwright has a gentle touch that all ages can handle. If you hear a noise during the adjustment, it’s just a gas that releases from your joints and isn’t a cause for concern. There is a small possibility that you may feel discomfort after your adjustment, which we’ll discuss with you before starting.

When appropriate, we offer several adjunctive therapies to help speed your healing:

  • Intersegmental traction
  • Heat
  • Electrical muscle stimulation
  • Migun table

We’re happy to see emergency cases and accept walk-ins. Contact us today! Dr. Wheelwright is in-network with several insurance companies.